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Wu Yi Tea China Fujian Oolong Tea North Fujian Oolong Tea

Wu Yi Tea China Fujian Oolong Tea North Fujian Oolong Tea
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1 primere wu yi tea leaves
2 obvious slimming properties
3 planted in Mt. Wuyi

We all know the "Apple a day keeps the doctor away" saying. When it comes to weight loss, you may start hearing "A cup of wu-yi tea a day keeps the fat away!" So just what is wu-yi tea you may be asking and how can drinking it every day help you lose weight? Well, the information on this site will try to answer your question and after your visit you may just walk away with a completely new outlook on drinking tea.

You may not be familiar with the name wu-yi tea, but are you familiar with Oolong Tea? Probably so. You're also probably familiar with the various green, black, and white teas. Wu-yi tea is just another name for oolong tea, they are basically one in the same. Oolong tea is often referred to as wu-yi tea because it is harvested from Mt. Wuyi Shan in the Fujian Province of China.

For over 400 years asians have been drinking wu-yi tea for it's natural slimming effect and other natural health benefits. In fact, drinking tea has been included in traditional Chinese medicine since it's discovery and is still used to this day! It's no wonder than that many people trying to lose weight are flocking to wu-yi tea for it's natural qualities of burning fat.

Natural Qualities to Burn Fat

So how does drinking wu-yi tea, or oolong tea every day actually help you lose weight? It's called "polyphenol", and not only is it found in oolong tea, but green and black tea as well. It just so happens that oolong tea has the higher concentration when it comes to polyphenol as green and black have less amounts.

A polyphenol is a bio-active ingredient that stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) by activating enzymes that dissolve fat (triglycerides) in your body. This in turn speeds up your metabolism! (increasing your resting metabolic rate) Thus, drinking oolong tea regularly enhances the function of fat metabolism and controlling obesity.

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